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Hi! I'm Amita, I have been Threading on myself for just over 30 years and I love it!
I was born and bred in London and have travelled and moved around the UK and abroad extensively, in 2006 whilst out travelling in South America I met my husband which brought me to South West England.
I am a Business Investor/Negotiator by profession and have had a successful 10 year career with a blue chip company in London. Over the years I have become a business entrepreneur with my finger in many pies! I love investing in new interests that I am passionate about all the time.
In the early years of moving to the South West my husband and I had 3 children, so I have not had the time to pursue this new passion. I did however soon discover that although Threading is most popular in regions like London, it is still a bit of a niche in parts of the South West of England. As I spoke to locals and carried out some local market research, I found that not too many people are aware of Threading and its numerous benefits, some suggested a major disadvantage is that people struggle to find a good confident and experienced practitioner! even where Threading has become available. Another popular reason was that people assume it hurts more and are generally unfamiliar with the technique.
I hope that my website is able to explain the numerous benefits of Threading with a view to providing a much better understanding into this ancient Indian, Middle Eastern method of hair removal which has been practiced for over 1000 years!


Bradford Abbas, Sherborne, Dorset
Precision Hairdressing, South Street, Sherborne, DT96RW 3
Mobile Number:         07974842271 
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Mon/Tues/Wed:  Location by request (by appointment)
Thurs/Friday:      Precision Hairdressing, in South Street,                                        Sherborne

Sat: Flexible (by appointment)

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